Welcome to Damnrasoi

Welcome to Damn Rasoi - The Dammed Service People

We are part of conglomerate Shiva Rathi Group of Companies, and had been operational since 18 years.

We tested the business model of MAXIMUM EMPLOYMENT THROUGH MINIMAL EFFORTS in Europe, Russia and China and had been highly successful. Now we bring this concept to India. In these contries we operated mainly through mining of digital currency, cybersecurity and real estate, but God Shiva gave us idea that it is entirely different ball game in India.

We provide carpenters at doorstep in every town and cities. Some carpenters are provided directly by us, others by our coordinators.

To book a carpenter, you need to pay us Rupees 50 in advance through Google Play, Amazon Pay, Bhim App, Paytm or PhonePe. You can also pay us Rupees 50 booking charge in bank account number 05272020000124 in HDFC Bank in favor of Integrated Solutions, the IFSC code is HDFC0000527.

The carpenters can take from 2 hours to 6 hours to arrive at your home, and may take few days of booking time, so be prepared for that. Usually no carpenter provides immediate service. They have their own appointments, so please be patient.

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